When we find the courage to take off our rose-coloured glasses, what's left to see?

For Perth-based musician Mayhills, it's a confronting emotional state that shifts between intensity and serenity. It might not be what you were hoping for, but it's unapologetically honest.

Performing a distinctive brand of rock-tinged electronica with a range of digital and organic instrumentation, his goal is simple: to connect with others in a 'post romantic' world that seems increasingly disconnected.

Onstage, Mayhills’ unique approach to controllerism and fingerdrumming are propelled forward by a live rhythm section, adding a rich physicality to a genre typified by laptop- intensive performances.

Seven of Perth's most exciting emerging electronic artists have reimagined his debut for 'Post Romantic Remixed,' an eclectic series of interpretations which will be released throughout 2017-2018. Part proceeds from these remixes will be directed to charities as selected by participating artists.

 Photography by Tammy Watson at Ella Joy

Photography by Tammy Watson at Ella Joy